Individual Pledges

PI – 5. The Premier League

The Premier League will support the work of its member Clubs in seeking to encourage male football fans to adopt healthier lifestyles and increase their levels of physical activity through the Premier League Health Programme. We will also take action … Read more → – PI – 5. The Premier League

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PI – 4. ukactive

We will recognise the specific health challenges of shift work and provide opportunities for shift workers to become more active.

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PI – 3. NHS Sport & Physical Activity Champion

Through the NHS Challenge we will provide support to NHS employees to become more active, in particular, by supporting the NHS Sport & Physical Activity Challenge to get 300,000 NHS staff more active by 2012.

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PI – 2. Streetgames

In 2011, we pledge to help 50,000 young people living in deprived areas make doorstep sport a regular part of their lives by attending at least one session per month. Pledge update, November 2012 FESTIVALS During 2012, StreetGames delivered 32 … Read more → – PI – 2. Streetgames

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PI – 1. Tesco

We are proud of our support for the annual Race for Life in partnership with Cancer Research UK. Last year, 700,000 women took part. We will therefore work with CRUK to encourage a big increase in the number of women … Read more → – PI – 1. Tesco

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HI – 4. Nestle, E-On, American Express Services Europe

We will broaden out occupational health services so that there is more focus on the promotion of healthy workplaces. Nestlé – Delivering this pledge, March 2012 As the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, Nestlé is committed to promoting a … Read more → – HI – 4. Nestle, E-On, American Express Services Europe

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HI – 3. Business in the Community (BiTC)

We will embed the principles of the BiTC emotional Management toolkit within HR procedures. Pledge update, October 2012 Through the BITC Workwell Model, the Workwell Campaign promotes that organisations take a holistic, strategic and integrated approach to promoting the messages … Read more → – HI – 3. Business in the Community (BiTC)

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HI – 2. Let’s Get Healthy, Zest People and Samworth Brothers (Ginsters)

A Development Group including Let’s Get Healthy, Zest People and Samworth Brothers (Ginsters) has been established to share knowledge about health, work and wellbeing best practice and advice for the benefit of SME sector via the one-stop-shop website (to be … Read more → – HI – 2. Let’s Get Healthy, Zest People and Samworth Brothers (Ginsters)

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HI -1. Mars UK, Novo Nordisk, Unilever

We (Mars UK, Novo Nordisk, Unilever) will work in partnership with SME organisations to help them to promote health and wellbeing amongst their staff. Pledge update The final report on this pledge is available here The pledge has been completed.

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FI – 1. Association of Convenience Stores

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has committed to work with its members to roll out Change4Life (C4L) branding into 1000 stores, learning from the successful ACS/DH programme to improve fruit and vegetable availability in deprived areas. Pledge update, December … Read more → – FI – 1. Association of Convenience Stores

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